frequently asked questions

Does my ranking of alternative programs make a difference?

(You will be asked to rank your program(s) of choice when you register on-line.)

Yes, please consider your ranking of programs very carefully before making this selection. The ranking system gives the student an element of choice in the selection process. Our student selection process is based on the merit of your application and an interview process, but we also take the ranking into consideration. PW Mini School uses this ranking system, in consultation with other alternative schools, to find the best fit for as many students as possible. Students who rank a particular school as their “first choice” will have a greater chance of being selected by that school.

Note: be careful when making your choice on-line – the Vancouver School Board will not make changes to your selections once you have registered.

If I accept a position at school “X” during the first round of offers, can I still be offered a position at school “Y” during the second round of offers?

No, once you accept an offer your name is removed from the list of applicants from all other schools.

Can I take Math 9 or 10 when I’m in Grade 8?

No. Part of the strength of our school is derived from students learning within their cohort group. Our Math program is accelerated. Math 8, 9 and 10 are covered in Grades 8 and 9.

Can I take an advanced French class if I’m a French Immersion student?

Possibly. If there is room in the class and the Mini 8 timetable accommodates it, students will be placed in French 10 or 11. If there is no room in the class or the timetable does not accommodate French 10/11 students will have to choose another elective.

Will I find out the results from the VSB administered tests?

No, test results are not given out to the student or parent. The test is only used to assist with the placement of students in specific alternative programs.

Should I apply to Prince of Wales Mini School if I’m interested in applying to TREK in Grade 10 or the International Baccalaureate Program in Grade 11?

No, your acceptance to Prince of Wales Mini School involves a 5-year commitment. Please do not apply if you cannot keep this commitment.

Do I need to fill out a VSB Cross-Boundary Application Form?

No, Prince of Wales Mini School is a district program – there are no boundaries to cross.

Can I apply to Prince of Wales Mini School if I live out-of-district?

No, this program is for students who live within the Vancouver School District.

What percentage of PW Mini School Grads go to university?

Our primary aim is to create a positive learning environment where students are challenged to excel in a broad range of subjects. Although we do not consider ourselves a university-prep school, each year more than 90% of our graduates apply to universities in Canada and beyond. All of these students are accepted to a university of their choice.

If I’m not admitted for 2020-21(Grade 8) can I re-apply for 2021-22(Grade 9)?

Yes, you will need to submit a new application (available in April each year). If a space comes available (this happens occasionally) we will contact suitable applicants in a specific grade. These applicants will be interviewed and a new student will be selected. There is no test to be written, but up-to-date report cards are required. We do not accept new applications for our Grade 12 class.

May I call or email PW Mini School to ask questions if I’m not selected for an interview, or position?

No. Unfortunately, we simply don’t have enough time or resources to discuss unsuccessful applications.