Hello Mini School Community,

We are ready to start our annual Poinsettia Fundraiser. This is one of our main fundraising events, and it’s important that we as a community share in the work. Order forms and brief introduction to the fundraiser can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

The important things to note are:

  • The poinsettias, especially the x-large 10” ones, are lovely.

  • All students are expected to sell 23 or more poinsettias.

  • Mid-October is not too early to sell poinsettias for delivery between November 29 to December 1.

  • Please complete the table in the form and submit it to the PW Mini School office no later than Friday, November 3rd with a cheque, post-dated for November 29th.

  • We will offer receipts for businesses that request them.

  • Because the office is empty most of the time, families who are able to may choose to pay for their poinsettias by cheque or credit card at the time that they pick them up (that is, give a cheque, payable to the Prince of Wales Mini School PAC, directly to one of the parent volunteers on duty).

Our Student Poinsettia Coordinators, Sophie McLean (sophinator55@gmail.com) or Carol Zhang (carolzhang0117@outlook.com) , will be visiting each classroom to introduce the fundraiser to the students. Thank you for your participation in the Poinsettia Fundraiser! If you have any questions or would like to help our parent fundraising group, please email Tanya Kyi (diana_tindall@telus.net).